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Exeo modular gaming controllers are a range of motion sensing controllers that allow the gamers to make their own customized controller for every different game. The modules can be used individually or joined together to create a realistic and immersive gaming experiences. For any experience to be fully immersive, the feeling of touch is really important. These modular controllers enable the gamers to feel and hold a controller that they themselves have created, making every gaming experience personal and exciting.

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Twistar helps businesses engage with their customers rapidly and effectively, allowing a greater understanding of a customer’s sentiment and perception. Twistar is the first portable IoT device capable of taking Voice and Artificial Intelligence 'into the moment’. The device features a simple rotate and push dial with a circular screen angled toward the user for ease of use. The device was aesthetically designed to be approachable and creating “open table” environment.

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Iberital Vision

Iberital Vision sets a new standard in professional espresso coffee machines. Its brutalist design, with no room for frivolities, hides the most advanced technology in materials, hydraulics, control and ergonomics. Achieving its original goals (healthy, sustainable and connected), the result is a premium espresso coffee machine with outstanding performance when extracting coffee and delivering hot water for infusions, and steam. Is is connected to the internet, and the user interface derives in a completely new user experience that will change the rules. No more buttons. No more screens.

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HYM Seed

Vinyl records is one of the best way to experience the music, however, the traditional record player needs lots of devices to assemble and existing various obstacles. Seed is a brand new device which integrate the professional MM turntable, 70 RMS speaker and amplifier in a highly craft twisted wood design appearance. All-in-one design, Speaker, Turntable, Amplifier integrated Traditional record player needs lots of devices to assemble and existing various obstacles, Seed redefine it. With the three-point suspension, the MM turntable system can work smoothly and independently with high output.

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Kotori 501

At first sight, Kotori 501’ looks nothing more than an acrylic cylinder wrapped in a cloth. Plastic parts are set back as far as possible and a short foot is placed at each end to prevent it from rolling. Transparent acrylic discs at the ends are the controllers. The design is easy to fit any kind of interior. Also a cloth cover is replaceable. Customer can select one from five different colors.

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A body sensor should be as unobtrusive as possible to have the smallest impact on the ordinary behavior of the patients under examination. The keys of invisibility are the low profile construction, technological innovation and the perfect adhesion to the skin. Dab is aimed to minimize medical instrument size by reducing electrode distances. The redesigned way of applying the sensor onto the body makes it effortless and intuitive. Thanks to these changes Dab can achieve better user experience, while significantly reducing disposable items, manufacturing and maintenance costs.

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